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Rapid Data Governance

An SAP Master Data Governance Accelerator

Realize a 50% reduction in deployment time & resources

Syniti Rapid Data Governance is now an SAP Endorsed Application available on the SAP Store

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Make the most of your SAP Master Data Governance investment with Syniti RDG


Fast-track your MDG deployment and establish a strong data governance foundation.

Many of the world’s largest enterprises have adopted SAP Master Data Governance to centrally govern their master data. Syniti’s Rapid Data Governance (RDG) helps organizations unlock the maximum potential of their SAP Master Data Governance deployments to realize even greater long-term master data governance (MDG) value.

RDG automates many of the technical configuration steps required to implement SAP Master Data Governance, drastically reducing complexity and time to deploy. Its no-code interface enables business users to maintain the solution and continuously measure business standards post-deployment. Organizations see a 50% average reduction in deployment time with Syniti RDG, as well as greater continuous value from their MDG implementation.

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Actual life sciences customer time-saving results. 
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Increase agility

With Syniti Rapid Data Governance (RDG), break the traditional waterfall deployment methodology and make your MDG project agile. Start executing while you plan and deliver value more quickly.

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Point and click to success

RDG automates many of the technical configuration steps required to implement SAP Master Data Governance. Its user-friendly interface auto-generates configuration entries, accelerating timelines and reducing costs.

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Empower your team, accelerate your project

With RDG, it's easy to train new team members and other third parties. Collaborate earlier, adopt the technology more easily -- so you can execute more quickly.

Syniti’s Content Accelerators for Master Data Governance

We’ve leveraged our Rapid Data Governance solution to create a series of prepackaged, custom objects to accelerate data governance activities across various SAP domains.

These master data model extensions help customers drive even greater value from their SAP Master Data Governance deployments by extending the functionality of SAP’s domains to standard and custom data objects, enabling greater customization, flexibility, and support for the customer’s business requirements of any complexity.

Syniti’s MDG data model extensions are available for the following domains:


  • Bank Master
  • Classifications/Characteristics
  • Purchase Info Records


  • Source List (Material Master)
  • Collection Management (Business Partner)
  • Internal Order Settlement Rules (Finance)
Now Available On-Demand!

Unleashing the Full Potential of SAP Master Data Governance

So you’ve implemented SAP Master Data Governance… now what? Syniti and Deloitte’s experts will walk you through our best practices for how to maintain and expand the solution post-deployment so that it continues to meet your evolving business requirements and sustains long-term value.

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Reduce implementation costs by up to 40%

Developed on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), Rapid Data Governance has been designed from the ground up to accelerate time-to-value and reduce risks related to traditional SAP Master Data Governance implementations.

User-friendly interface

Say goodbye to complex, tech-intensive methods for managing your data governance needs. RDG provides a user interface that simplifies and automates your most important MDG efforts.

Streamlined data model maintenance

Easily create a new data model and add entities and attributes with an intuitive, easy-to-use hierarchical user interface. Extend the SAP Master Data Governance data models in minutes for materials, business partners, finance master data, and more.

Graphical workflow management

Streamline MDG workflow creation and maintenance with a visual workflow designer to create new change request types, add workflow approvers, and configure actions.

Easy BRF + rule generation

Reduce manual data entry and improve data quality with a visual rules editor that takes advantage of SAP Business Rule Framework (SAP BRF) and automatically allows you to add validation and derivation rules to SAP Master Data Governance configuration tables.

No development skills required

Get your team trained and ready to execute, without the need for specialized knowledge or the ability to code. With your team running the show, MDG implementations become more nimble and cost efficient.

How Rapid Data Governance Delivers Value

Create a single, consolidated source of truth.

An always up-to-date enterprise information catalog with real-time dashboards will provide complete end-to-end visibility into business standards, complex requirements, mapping rules and dependencies –all resulting in reduced costs and lowered risks.

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Agile data governance implementation

Decrease costs with a solution that allows you to begin prototyping and executing while you're still in the planning phase.

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Fewer resources

Leverage your existing team and RDG's intuitive point-and-click capabilities to minimize the need for large, expensive teams of third-party experts.

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Less technical knowledge required

Execute on your SAP Master Data Governance implementation without the need for specialized employee training. Let RDG's automation help you get the job done fast.

Project Priority ROI

Aligned to business outcomes

Position yourself to deliver quick wins and show value on an on-going basis. With RDG's dashboarding capability, you can deliver transparent data early and throughout the full project lifecycle.

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