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Data Quality Learning Path

The Data Quality course focus on the closed loop remediation of data that fails to meet a company’s data standards in an end-to-end process using the functionality of the Stewardship Tier’s Data Quality and Mass Maintenance.

Data Quality (DQ) Management

The NEW Data Quality Learning Path of eLearning and Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) courses – DQ EssentialsDQ Foundations, and DQ Developer are currently under development with a release date of Q2 2022. 

The Current DQ Learning Path consists of one Virtual Instructor Led course, Data Quality with Information Steward Accelerator (DQ ISA)

This diagram below illustrated what the DQ Developer Learning Path will look like when the new curriculum is complete. Stewardship Tier Essentials and Stewardship Tier Foundations should be taken prior to DQ ISA

Data Jumpstart is a new Advanced Topics course that is will be released as an eLearning in Q4 2021.

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Course Description

Data Quality with Information Steward Accelerator (DQ ISA)

This course has been designed to educate students in the closed loop remediation of failed data in an end to end process using the functionality of Information Steward Accelerator™ (ISA) and dspCompose™. The primary course division is segmented around an exploration of the business user experience and a hands on understanding of development techniques and terminology. 

At the beginning of the course, students will explore the business user experience providing a unique and unobstructed view from the user perspective. Using this understanding, students will then be led through hands-on exercises, which leverage this perspective, to register IS rules in ISA and develop templates in dspCompose, in order to construct a data remediation workflow experience for the business user. Following the completion of course objectives, students will demonstrate their understanding of course concepts, through the provided end of course Certification exam.  


Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to: 

  • View Reports based on rules from Information Steward 
  • Understand that Requests are based on a reusable template 
  • Generate Requests based on the Report 
  • Understand templates are fully customizable resulting in a unique requests based on the template 
  • Understand requests are workflow enabled 
  • Understand the Project and Failed Data import process using Collect. 
  • Understand the creation of Project Distributions. 
  • Understand the process and methodology of adding users and rules to a Distribution. 
  • Create User and Distribution filters and determine how the filters affect user data. 
  • Add Rules and modify Rule Bindings in ISA. 
  • Add additional Roles to workflow  
  • Configure ISA External and External Request Scenarios 
  • Configure Role Level Column Controls 
  • Configure the template to compare the updated data with the current data in SAP   
  • Add Development features to enhance the Business User experience and govern the data entry 
  • Add Role level Validation Rules to control data entry 
  • Configure Template and Template Role Rules 
  • Configure Finish table Refresh 

SQL Server database designer experience is recommended but not required. Information Steward experience is helpful but not required.


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