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Syniti Launches Climate Impact Initiative

Syniti today announced the launch of “The Syniti Forest” – a global initiative to help reduce the carbon footprint.

Boston, MA – November 5, 2020 – Syniti, a leader in enterprise data management, today announced the launch of “The Syniti Forest” – a global initiative to help reduce the carbon footprint through the planting a tree for every successful customer Go-Live and the onboarding of new Syniti employees.


The Syniti Forest is a celebration of Syniti’s customers, Syniti teams, Alliance partners, and ecosystem that work together to drive data transformation and optimization for enterprise clients worldwide. The initiative unifies Syniti’s passion, practices, and products around the mission to build a world were data-driven progress, sustainability and positive societal changes are realities in the communities where we live and work.


The new Syniti Forest initiative extends Syniti’s volunteerism and philanthropic commitment, #SynitiGivesBack.


“We believe in the power of data to drive genuine global and human progress,” said Kevin Campbell. “Our values are rooted in our commitment to turn our data-driven work into actionable impact and a sustainable future for all.”


As 70 percent of emissions originate in cities, Syniti will launch “The Syniti Forest” initiative in the EMEA region in Barcelona, a city with a population of more than 1.62 million. Syniti will plant its first “Syniti Forest” in Barcelona’s Montgrí Natural Park with 1,262 trees – representing the number of successful projects Syniti has delivered in the EMEA region, and the number of employees who joined the Syniti EMEA team since 2017.


“One tree has the power to produce a day’s supply of oxygen for four people,” said Jules Beck, Syniti EMEA Regional President. “With the Syniti Forest, we are cultivating a stronger, healthier future starting at the roots. We hope to create a quicker pathway to push the needle forward in making our communities more sustainable.”


For the first Syniti Forest, Syniti will partner with an established Barcelona conservationist – Bosques Sostenibles (Sustainable Forests Spain). The organization helps curb habitat loss associated with environmental impacts and integrates locally proven methods to nurture healthy trees.


Bosques Sostenibles also works with residents of the surrounding communities to provide them with the knowledge and the tools to re-invest in their communities through the planting and cultivation of the trees.


Following the initial launch in Barcelona, Syniti will extend the initiative to everywhere the organization has a presence, spanning all main geographic regions around the world – the Americas, EMEA and Asia (including Australia and New Zealand).



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About Syniti 

Syniti was founded in 1996 to solve business’ complex data challenges, bring synergy between data and business, and deliver confidence and progress along clients’ business transformation journey. Through a combination of unique data expertise, services, and intelligent software leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Syniti helps clients manage their data journey from data conversion to data quality, data archival and replication, master data management, analytics, information governance, and data strategy. Syniti is a portfolio company of private equity firm Bridge Growth Partners LLC.