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Make your data migration to the cloud boring

With world-class data harmonization capabilities, embedded AI/ML, and best practices from thousands of data transformation projects, Syniti customers arrive in the cloud stress-free, with business-ready data, every time.

Syniti migration customers experience a $785k drop in operating expenses and an 8-month payback

Faster, easier, more predictable cloud migrations.

Faster (and boring) go-lives

Your cloud program drives at achieving maximum agility and connectedness. Syniti delivers a 96% reduction in unplanned downtime, ensuring your program and cloud target stay online and on-time.

Accelerated time-to-value

We have a saying at Syniti, “Optimize your data to optimize your business.” Syniti data migration customers experience a 303% ROI and 8-month payback on their investment.

Improved project efficiency

Through centralizing data, roles, processes, and metadata into the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) –a unified cloud solution–customers see a 46% reduction in their data migration project timelines.

Rely on a proven cloud migration methodology delivers time-after-time.

With unparalleled enterprise data expertise our 8-Step Migration approach is embedded the Syniti Knowledge Platform and powers even the most complex of cloud migrations.

Efficiency driven

The Global 2000 trust Syniti with cloud data migration

Proven cloud-native technology

Syniti enjoys a 99.7% customer satisfaction rating because we take risk out of the data migration equation. Our source- and target-system agnostic software can be hosted in the cloud or in a hybrid landscape. Furthermore, with Syniti you’re supported by our 100% data-focused consultants who help you unleash the opportunity of cloud, faster.

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Data quality and harmonization, built in

There’s no point simply moving your bad data to the cloud. With Syniti, your data won’t just be “lifted and shifted;” it will be de-duped, matched, merged, and harmonized as it’s migrated to the cloud. Our mission: to deliver “Boring Go-Lives™” that provide trustworthy, digital-ready data from day one.

Migration Project Management

Re-use knowledge to accelerate future data projects by 50%

With Syniti, our value doesn’t end with your migration to the cloud. The Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) captures all metadata, rules, procedures, mappings, team members, roles, and more from your initial project and prepares it for re-use, so you won’t have to start your next data initiative from scratch.

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See what Syniti can do for you

Let Syniti guide you on your journey to trusted data.