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Syniti Education Services Launches Persona-Based Learning Paths

Company offers new persona-based learning paths and improved UX for solutions content to support successful data projects.

BOSTON – March 9, 2022 – Syniti announced today a new series of educational courses with four distinct persona-based paths, new solutions-based content and an improved approach to help current customers and partners better implement Syniti solutions. Trainings are offered as eLearning and virtual instructor-led on the Syniti Knowledge Platform and Syniti Methodology, providing more control to the user on how and when they take courses. The new paths address the unique needs of learners, both in current or desired future roles, and will include value-add courses on data technologies and project management.  New trainings and certifications will be rolled out throughout 2022.


The new persona-based educational content and structure is a key part of the revamped Syniti Education Services strategy, ushered in by the company’s new vice president of global education, Faez Ahmed, who brings more than 20 years of experience in education services and enterprise tech management.


Along with multiple developer learning paths, Syniti added three more:

  • Stakeholder, or someone who needs to know how this will be used in their business, such as a data governance lead
  • Business user, such as a data steward who needs to interact with the solution outside of development tasks
  • Technical project manager, usually the project lead, who needs to understand methodology and implementation.


Users can opt to learn on their own via eLearning, including instructional videos led by Syniti technical trainers, enhanced by real-life scenarios, knowledge checks and a Learning Lab with hands-on activities. The same course content also can be delivered through scheduled time-constrained learning with instructor-led training, which are  offered weekly and monthly, at desired local times based on country and region, across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pac, including Australia and New Zealand. All Essentials courses are offered as eLearning; they are free and can be self-enrolled. Foundations and developer level courses are either eLearning or instructor-led.


Faez Ahmed, vice president of global education, Syniti, said: “Syniti has done thousands of complicated data projects, ones that normally have multiple stakeholders in either highly regulated or just incredibly complex industries. We talked directly to our users to build on our own knowledge so that we designed tailored, realistic – and most importantly, usable – educational experiences.”


Kevin Campbell, CEO, Syniti, said: “We’re always listening to our customers – which is part of the reason we have a 99.7% customer satisfaction score. Improving our educational services is a key component of our customer for life strategy, helping to ensure our customers have every tool at their disposal to support a successful and smooth data project, no matter how complicated it may be.”


To learn more, including how to register for courses and about learning credits, please visit Syniti education services.


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