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Syniti Data Workbench

SAP data loading and extraction made simple, secure and reliable.

Data Workbench

with Syniti Data Workbench

Streamline SAP Business Data Loading and Extraction

Syniti Data Workbench software streamlines SAP business data loading and extraction using a familiar Microsoft® Excel™ spreadsheet. Data experts control the data, but SAP experts control the process by creating templates and queries. No need for programming or costly IT resources for everyday data operations.

  • SAP interfaces require steep learning curves for data experts
  • Human error causes poor-quality SAP data
  • Labor-intensive data loading into SAP modules
  • Tedious data edits via the SAP GUI
  • Increased user productivity through 3-step SAP data entry or extraction with no programming.
  • Highest quality SAP data with expert checks at the point of entry.
  • Efficient business processes by eliminating reliance on IT staff or manual data entry.

Get the Job Done in Three Simple Steps


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Step 1: Record a template using the SAP GUI

Syniti Icon AddData 300x113 1

Step 2: Add data to an Excel load file

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Step 3: Upload immediately or schedule an upload for later


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Step 1: Select tables and fields

Syniti Icons Query 300x113 1

Step 2: Enter query criteria

Syniti Icons Extract 300x113 1

Step 3: Extract SAP data to Excel

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