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Data Strategy

Investing in data must be matched with a strategy to realize the benefits of new tools, processes and better data that will actually work within your organization. No one is better suited than Syniti’s career data professionals to guide you and your company to a roadmap ensures return on investment, compliance with industry standards and regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, and clean business-ready data that stays that way.

Data Migration

If you think data migration is as simple as Extract, Transform, and Load; you’ll be missing important steps that elevate data migration to a business-driven rather than technical process. Our methodology, proven over 1,300+ go-lives and a 100% customer reference rate, reduces risk to implementation projects; and drives real cost savings and better outcomes by ensuring business-ready data and a Boring Go-Live ™.

Data Quality

Thanks to Syniti’s Data Journey solutions, you’ve gone live with clean business-ready data. Now what? Ensure that clean data stays clean, and drive radical improvements in business efficiency through secure, proactive, cross-system data quality management tools that allow business users to find, fix and prevent data quality issues with executive- and tactical-level data quality dashboards that give visibility to the heartbeat of your organization – its data.

Data Replication & Integration

As modern organizations move to the cloud and retain a constellation of enterprise platforms, they rely on complex data interfaces to ensure a single view of their data. By applying the rigor and expertise originally developed for data migrations, we bring our same business-ready methodology to drive  better outcomes in real-time data integration through business enablement and assurance.

Data Archival

Most organizations actively use only a fraction of the data in their enterprise systems, adding risk and slowing performance over time. A business-driven data archival strategy, informed by organization needs,  legal and regulatory requirements, and actual usage can supercharge existing technology platforms while ensuring historical data remains accessible.

Master Data Management

We know that effective Master Data Management requires a complete solution that encompasses tools, process, policy and an organization to support them. Our approach to Master Data Management balances industry-leading tools with the advisory support needed to ensure data stewards and owners are empowered and accountable for enterprise data.


The promise of data science has revolutionized enterprise business intelligence. But today’s solutions are only as good as the data beneath them, and many companies struggle to recognize ROI on their analytics investments. Our comprehensive approach ensures parallel focus on accurate and harmonized master data, coupled with Big Data solutions that enable real, actionable insights from today’s most innovative technologies. Our expertise in business process, data science and master data management drive practical analytics solutions that drive real business value.

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