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Syniti Data Connectivity

Optimize access to your IBM Db2 data with high-performance connectivity products for application access to data on IBM Db2 databases.

Fast, Reliable Data Connectors

Our standards-based ADO.NET, ODBC, ADO and JDBC connectors enable your applications to easily share data to and from IBM Db2 databases, providing fast and reliable access to Db2 servers running on IBM i/iSeries/AS400, zOS/OS390, VSE/VM, AIX, Solaris, HP/UX, Windows and Linux platforms. AAdd security to your application by encrypting data using one of our security solutions.


Efficient use of native IBM operating systems.


Built with 20+ years of IBM Db2 expertise.


A solution to meet the needs of every environment: ODBC, .NET, JDBC, OLE DB.


Setup and toolbox for easy installation and use.

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