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Good Data Makes Great Transactions

Syniti Masters Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture Complexity

“In today’s climate, it is even more critical for global companies to actively deploy M&A actions to drive strategic change and stakeholder economic value creation by sharply re-focusing their business around core competencies.”   Alok Singh, CEO

“Companies that regularly and
systematically pursue moderately sized M&A
deliver better shareholder returns
than companies that don’t.”

McKinsey Quarterly
How lots of small M&A deals add up to big value
July 12, 2019 | Article

Maximize The Value of Your Transaction

Reduce Financial and Execution Risk

Handling Complexity Drivers

Why is this hard?

Valuation Risk

Data, Systems, and IT

Tax, Regulatory, and Statutory

High Stakes Transitional Services Agreements (TSAs)


People + Culture


Validating Value Drivers in Due Diligence

Creating a Realistic and Achievable Timeline with Accurate Value and Costs

Executing Carve-outs and Integrations and Reducing TSA/TMA Penalty Risks

Measuring Deal Value Realization

“Cleaning up” after TSA…Legal Entity Restructuring, Application Rationalization, etc.

Data Plays a Critical Role at Every Transaction Stage

Key value, integration, and risk management drivers depend on a unified view of data

Buy Side
PREPARATION: Asset Cost, Price, and Tax Implications

Due Diligence

  • Validate deal rationale (growth, time to value)
  • Identify hidden RISK in the target’s data
  • Value the targets Data as an Asset

Deal Value Day 0/Scope

  • Create a realistic and achievable integration timeline
  • Capture integration costs and resources correctly

Execution & Integration

  • Integrate smoothly and quickly with a Boring Go Live®
  • Rationalize applications and systems
  • Avoid TSA and TMA scope/schedule penalties

Value / Compliance Realization

  • Measure and achieve Deal Value for growth and cost synergies
  • Hold the seller accountable for TSA/TMA performance


  • Execute post-TSA integration such as Legal Entity Restructuring
Sell Side
PREPARATION: Asset Evaluation

Transaction Prep, Courtship

  • Find a Buyer
  • Value my assets, inventories, and tax impacts correctly and compliantly
  • Untangle complex, commingled assets with multiple geos, Bus, products

Deal Value Day 0/Scope

  • Creating realistic and achievable legal separation timelines, TSAs, TMAs
  • Estimating extraction/transation costs correctly
  • Understand data privacy/compliance requirements during transition
INTEGRATION: Application Rationalization

Execution & Integration

  • Ensure smooth execution and on time TSA/TMA exits
  • Provide required data to buyer compliantly – one time loads and under TSA
  • Minimize non-value added effort for my team on buyer requests
REALIZATION: Day 1 Reporting

Value / Compliance Realization

  • Ensure smooth execution and on time TSA/TMA exits
  • Provide required data to buyer compliantly – one time loads and under TSA
  • Minimize non-value added effort for my team on buyer requests


  • Meet compliance requirements for Archiving and retention
  • Archive/Remove unused data from systems and metrics
Customers Handle Complexity with Syniti

The Syniti Difference

Faster Time to Value

Give your team a faster way to connect, prepare, and validate data prior to loading.

  • Increased Visibility
  • Reduced Costs and Risks
  • Accelerated Schedules
  • Capturing of Trusted Data for Re-use Across the Business
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